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Западное SEO

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19 ноября Зал 2 17:00-19:00

Александра Тачалова


Александра Тачалова

Основатель, Digital Olympus

В этой секции расскажем, как начать работать с западным рынком поисковой оптимизации и какие методики принесут вам успех.


The Importance of Content Audit in Organic Search Performance

  • A content audit can help us evaluate the performance of our content pages and take actions that will allow us to improve our site's organic performance. In this presentation, we'll break down the steps of performing a content audit by collecting and analyzing performance data for each content page that's part of our crawlable site architecture. More specifically, we'll discuss:
  • Why it is important to conduct a content audit
  • An overview of the process we're using when conducting content audits
  • What data we need to perform the audit
  • What are the criteria we're setting to evaluate our content pages
  • What are the actions we take for each page
  • How we prioritize these actions to achieve better performance
  • What to pay attention to
  • What resources/tools we need to perform a content audit

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Georgios Chasiotis
Georgios Chasiotis

Managing Director , MINUTTIA

Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring SEOs, and How To Fix Them

  • This talk with cover the most common mistakes companies make when hiring SEOs, whether full time in-house or as an outsourced agency or solo provider. Coming from experience seeing over 4,500 companies looking to hire, John has taken his decade of SEO experience and applied it to helping companies hire well.

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John Doherty
John Doherty

founder and CEO, GetCredo.com

The search landscape is changing rapidly - what can you do

  • Google is answering more and more queries itself, which means less traffic for websites. I'll show you what you can do to drive traffic and thrive in Google's transition from search to answer engine.

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Kevin Indig
Kevin Indig